Meet Your Agency’s Best Friend:

The Smart AI Ad Tech Solution!

The Smart AI Ad Tech Solution!

Transform your processes with AI and No Code solutions. Save money, increase revenue, and focus on what matters most

What We Do

We craft and implement Facebook ads, chatbots, and automated workflows to help you increase your sales. We converse with leads, resolve their issues, and find the most fitting products or properties for them.

Benefits of AI Solutions and Automation

Marketing and Sales

Attract more customers and close more deals with our automated marketing & sales processes.


  • Create and run targeted Facebook ads that generate high-quality leads for your business

  • Build and deploy chatbots that engage and qualify leads, answer their questions, and book appointments

  • Set up and automate workflows that follow up with leads, send reminders, and track conversions

Back Office Automation

Save time and money by simplifying back office processes in finance, accounting, HR, and IT.


  • Automate invoice processing, expense reporting, payroll, and tax compliance with AI and No Code tools

  • Build and integrate custom workflows that automate data entry, validation, reconciliation, and reporting

  • Leverage AI and No Code solutions to automate document generation, signature collection, and contract management

Customer Service Automation

Boost customer loyalty and happiness by automating your customer service processes.


  • Create and deploy chatbots that provide 24/7 support, answer FAQs, and resolve issues

  • Automate ticket creation, routing, escalation, and closure with AI and No Code tools

  • Set up and automate workflows that send personalized messages, surveys, and feedback requests, as well as reputation management.

Turn ChatGPT into a Lead Closing Machine

The days of manual follow-up and lead nurturing are over.

Our ChatGPT enabled automation systems let you automate and streamline your lead generation, qualification, and conversion processes.

You can use Facebook ads, chatbots, and workflows to attract, engage, and convert leads. You can close more deals with less effort all with thanks to the brilliance of ChatGPT.

Contact us today and get a free consultation and ask us how you can get 2 months free on your first project!

Working with Zvive Technical Solutions was a life saver for our real estate agency. From the beginning, they gave us the tools and resources we needed to automate and optimize our processes from end to end.

Their expert advice and support helped us achieve new goals, and within just 3 months, we were able to grow from 0 to $150k in sales. We are thankful for their dedication to our success and highly recommend their services to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.


John Doe

Founder - XYZ Realty
C/O chatGPT.